Maximizing Engagement in Virtual Board Meetings: Proven Strategies and Tools


In the era of remote work, virtual board meetings have become a staple. However, keeping board members engaged in this virtual setting can be challenging. Engagement is crucial for productive meetings and effective decision-making. This blog post explores strategies and tools to enhance engagement in virtual board meetings, ensuring that every meeting is as effective and interactive as possible.

Why Engagement Matters in Virtual Board Meetings

Engagement in board meetings is vital for several reasons:

  • Improved Decision Making: Engaged members are more likely to contribute valuable insights, leading to well-rounded decisions.
  • Increased Participation: Active participation from all members ensures diverse viewpoints are considered.
  • Enhanced Productivity: When members are engaged, meetings are more likely to stay on track and cover all necessary topics efficiently.

Strategies for Enhancing Engagement

1. Set Clear Expectations and Agendas

Before the meeting, circulate a clear agenda. This helps members prepare and understand the meeting’s objectives. Include time allocations for each item to manage the meeting pace. Also, adopt the 20/20 agenda rule — put 20% fewer items on the agenda and allow 20% more time for discussion. This accounts for the nuances of virtual communication, ensuring thorough discussion and clarification

2. Use Interactive Tools

Leverage tools like polls, Q&A sessions, and brainstorming platforms. These tools can make the meeting more interactive and give members a voice, increasing their investment in the meeting. Examples could include using the chatboxes for motions or quick responses, polls for instant feedback, and quizzes for engaging educational moments. Consider using platforms like Kahoot! or Poll Everywhere for interactive and fun elements.

3. Encourage Open Communication

Create an environment where members feel comfortable expressing their opinions. This can be achieved by setting ground rules for respectful dialogue and actively encouraging participation from quieter members. Creating a structured environment with clear guidelines can help make members feel more comfortablet to particpate. Encourage the use of video for better engagement, utilize the mute feature to reduce background noise, and have a structured process for members to contribute to the conversation, like raising hands. Set maximum speaking times for each topic and assign a timekeeper to maintain focus.

4. Start and End the Meeting Effectively

Begin with an interactive element, like a chatbox greeting or a brief introduction. End the meeting by inviting closing thoughts or using the rose/thorn technique to reflect on what worked and what needs improvement. For longer meetings, include short breaks to prevent fatigue. Icebreakers can also be useful at the beginning of the meeting to create a more relaxed and open atmosphere.

Essential Tools for Virtual Board Meetings

1. Video Conferencing Platforms

Select a platform that suits your board's needs, considering factors like ease of use, video quality, and interactive features. Platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype offer various functionalities including audio-only options for limited tech access, screen sharing, and meeting recording. Conduct test meetings for those new to the platform to ensure comfort and familiarity.

2. Collaborative Document Platforms

Tools like Google Docs or Microsoft OneDrive allow members to collaborate on documents in real-time, making it easier to work together on meeting materials.

3. Interactive Polling and Q&A Tools

Use tools like Slido or Mentimeter for live polls and Q&As. These tools can make meetings more dynamic and give everyone a chance to contribute.

4. Project Management Tools

Platforms like Trello or Asana can help organize and track action items that arise from meetings, ensuring accountability and follow-through.

Integrating Scribbl for Efficient Meeting Notes

Scribbl revolutionizes the way meeting notes are taken. It captures meetings using AI, ensuring key moments and discussions are never missed. Here’s how Scribbl can enhance your virtual board meetings:

Simplified Transcription and Recording

Scribbl automatically transcribes or records video calls. It ensures privacy and presents meeting notes in a new tab post-call.

Digestible Meeting Notes and Action Items

After the call, Scribbl’s AI breaks down the meeting into topics, making it easier to grasp the discussion and follow up on action items.

Quick Access to Key Moments

Combining video, transcript, and AI, Scribbl allows you to find any moment in the call quickly. No more tedious video scrubbing or transcript searching.

Easy Sharing

Scribbl lets you share meeting notes with anyone, enhancing team collaboration and communication.

AI-Enhanced Efficiency

Scribbl’s AI ensures that the most crucial parts of your meeting are highlighted, saving time and enhancing focus on important matters.

Custom AI Outputs for Tailored Meeting Insights

The latest addition to Scribbl is the Custom AI Outputs feature, designed to cater to your specific meeting needs. With this feature, users can create and save custom AI queries for extracting particular information from meetings. For instance, a board member can input a query like “Highlight all budget-related discussions from this meeting” and save it as a template named “Budget Review”. This template can then be applied to future board meetings to quickly access and review financial discussions, streamlining the focus on fiscal matters and decision-making processes. This personalized approach ensures that every board meeting is not only efficiently recorded but also effectively analyzed according to your unique requirements.


Virtual board meetings don't have to be dull or inefficient. By setting clear expectations, using interactive tools, encouraging open communication, and incorporating breaks and icebreakers, you can significantly enhance member engagement. Additionally, utilizing the right mix of technology tools can facilitate smoother, more interactive meetings. Implementing these strategies will not only make your virtual board meetings more effective but also more enjoyable for all participants.

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