Does Zoom Record Entire Screen or Just the Meeting?

The short answer: just the meeting is recorded with Zoom's recording feature. Depending on your Zoom plan, you can manage the layout recorded.

With multiple layout options available, there are a few benefits and limitations of each. Some layouts are unique for recordings saved to the cloud and others to your local drive, while some are available with both saving options. Before your meeting starts, make sure that you have selected your desired recording layouts; this article will go more in depth about your options whether you are saving to the cloud or your hard drive.

Cloud Recording Layouts

Recordings saved to the cloud can capture Speaker, Gallery, and Shared Content views depending on the host's cloud recording settings. To manage these settings, you must have a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account, be an account owner or have admin privileges, and be a licensed host to edit user-level settings.

To adjust layout settings using cloud recording:

1. Sign in to your Zoom web portal.

2. From the navigation menu:

  • If you are an account owner or admin changing settings for the entire account, click Account Management then Account Settings.
  • If you are an account owner or admin changing settings for a group of users, click User Management then Groups, and then click the applicable group name from the list.
  • If you are a licensed host, click Settings

3. Click Recording.

4. Manage basic and advanced cloud recording settings

  • Within the basic settings, you can check the boxes for the layout feature(s) you would like to record. You can select Active speaker, Gallery view, or Shared screen. Selecting each will create separate recordings in each mode. You also have the option to record only the audio.
  • Within advanced settings, you can select the options to include a thumbnail of the presenter while screen-sharing, poll sharing results, and chat transcripts.

5. Click save.

Local Recording Layouts

Recordings saved to your computer's hard drive capture the meeting as seen by the participant recording. The view (active speaker, gallery view, or shared screen) in which the participant starts from, will be the recorded view. The host or admin must allow participants recording privileges (check out this previous post for a step-by-step how-to). Local recordings will always include the thumbnail gallery view with the shared screen.

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