How to Record a Google Meet Meeting

If you're looking for an easy way to record your next virtual meeting, look no further than Google Meet. In this post, we'll show you the ins and outs of Google Meet's recording tool. As you'll need a paid plan to access this feature, you may want to consider a Scribbl Pro subscription that not only includes the ability to record, but also transcribes and offers note-taking features as well! Read on for a break down on Google Meet and head over to our pricing page to check out what Scribbl Pro has to offer.

How do I record with Google Meet?

Once you're on the right Google Meet Plan, using the recording feature is pretty straight forward. Follow the steps below to start and view your recording:

1. Click the icon with three vertical dots at the bottom of your meet screen. From the menu that opens, select "Record meeting".

Start Recording Google Meet

2. Once finishing step 1, a drawer should appear on the right side of your screen. Click "Start Recording".

Start recording Google Meet Side Drawer

3. Before you can actually start your meeting, Google pops up a reminder to obtain consent from your participants before starting the meeting. Participants will receive a notification that the meeting is being recorded.

Google Meet Recording Consent

4. If you've made it this far, your meeting is now being recorded, but there are a few more steps before you have the recording in your hands.

5. Before you leave the meeting, you need to first stop recording. If you don't, Google will prompt you to do this. Stopping recording is just as easy as starting it. Simply click the icon with the three vertical dots at the bottom of your meet screen again and select "Stop recording" option from the following menu. Once you stop the recording, you can safely leave the meeting.

Stop Recording Google Meet

6. The last step before you can view your recording is finding it in your Google Drive. Google makes this easy by sending you an email once your meeting is over. If you don't receive the email you can check My Drive > Meet Recordings (it may take a few minutes to upload to that folder and a few more to finish processing the video). Meeting participants who are in the meeting organization will automatically have the link in their Calendar.

To share the video from the email, open the email and click the link. Click the More icon and then Share. Add the emails or start typing the names of people you'd like to have access.

What's recorded in Google Meet?

  • The active speaker
  • Anything that's presented (must join meeting first and then start presentation)
  • Chats (saved as .SBV file in meeting organizer's Drive and also displayed as captions when the recording is downloaded and played from a media player like VLC)

What's not recorded in Google Meet?

  • Live captions
  • Other windows
  • Notifications

Pro Tip! Use Meet Enhancement Suite to auto record meetings

With so many meetings and lots of things to remember, it’s common for people to forget to start recording when a Google Meet begins. That's why Meet Enhancement Suite built auto meeting recording. Read more on their blog for getting the auto record feature setup.

Why can't I record my Google Meet Meetings?

  • Storage space - As the recordings are stored in your Google Drive, you must have adequate storage space to record your meeting. You will not be able to record your meeting if your organization does not have enough storage space either.
  • Host management - If you are in the host organization, but are not the host and want to record, Host Management must be turned off.
  • 8 hour maximum - Meetings can only be recorded for up to 8 hours; the meeting will automatically stop recording at that point.
  • Mobile device - You must use a desktop device to record a Google Meet. Recording is not an option on a mobile device.
  • Presenting - You cannot start the recording from a meeting you are only joining to present. You must join the meeting, start your presentation, and then press record.
  • Free account - As of the time of this article, Google Meet doesn't offer video and audio recording with the free plan. You'll need to upgrade to a paid plan to record your meetings through Google Meet directly.

What are some other options for recording Google Meet?

While upgrading to Google Meet can be a great option for recording your Google Meet calls, it may not be the best option for all cases. If you're looking for a solution that records your meetings, and helps you out with note taking, we recommend giving Scribbl Pro a try for $9 /mo (see pricing).

With Scribbl Pro, you can record Google Meet calls and have the recording, transcript, and chat all saved in your Google Drive. You'll also get some great features to help with your note taking like on-call highlighting of key moments.

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