How to Save the Chat from Google Meet

Need to save the chat history from your Google Meet meetings?

Scribbl is a free chrome extension that allows you to save your Goole Meet chat history right in your google docs. After your meeting, Scribbl will automatically generate a document with the entire chat history and transcript of the call and save it in your google docs account. Once you end the call, the Scribbl application will automatically pop up on your screen which will allow you to open the transcript in a google docs page. Scroll to the bottom of the transcript to find the saved chat history.

Check out the simple step by step process below:

  • Click, sign in with Google:

  • Join a Google Meet call and see your Scribbl tool bar appear on the right hand side of your screen:
  • End the call and wait for the Scribbl application to pop up on your screen:
  • Click, open in Google Docs (locted on the top of the page of the Scribbl application page and scroll to the bottom of the transcript, to find the saved chat history. And thats it!

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