How to Record a Webex Meeting

Webex by Cisco is a cloud-based collaboration platform offering apps for easy file-sharing and communication. Webex Meetings is their video-conferencing system that allows users to live chat, screenshare, create polls and whiteboards, and take notes. The handy recording feature allows your team to ensure the meeting information can be be preserved for a later date or shared with others who could not attend. Whether you have a paid or free plan, the guide below will tell you everything you need to know for recording.

  • recommended using Chrome or Firefox
  • have Webex version 42.11 and later, if you are a cohost
  • if you are a participant, host or cohost must make you a cohost or presenter or you can download a third-party recording app
  • site administrator has allowed local recording for your site
  • if you are on a free plan, you must be on the desktop version to record
  • must use web version if you want to include the panels (Chat panel and Participants panel) and video files you share using Share File in the recording

Record Webex Meeting

Whether you have a free account or a subscription, once you begin your meeting, recording is simple.

  1. Click Recorder from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. When the Start recording timer window pops up, click the red Record button.
  3. A window will popup where you can select where you'd like to save the recording locally, or if you are on a subscription, the option to save to the cloud.
  4. To pause or start, you will click the red recording circle.
  5. You will receive a notification on your computer when the file is ready to be viewed.

Record Webex Meeting on a Phone

  1. Ensure that the recording feature is enabled in your settings. On an iPhone, this can be done within Control Center. On an Android, swipe down and you will see screen recording listed. If you do not see this listed, click the pencil icon, and then find the screen recording option to enable.
  2. Open the Webex app and start your meeting.
  3. Swipe down and select the Record screen button.
  4. Click Start.

Finding Your Recorded Meeting

On a computer, you will have selected where your recording is saved. The recording will default save to Documents.

If you recorded your meeting from a phone:

  1. From the mobile app, go to Meetings.
  2. Tap Recordings to see a list of all previously recorded meetings.
  3. Select your meeting to open it or long tap to Open meeting content where you can choose to select Highlights, Review, or get information about the recording or you can select Share recording.

  • Recordings saved in mp4 format.
  • You can't choose a different recording layout.

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