Can you record on Google Meets?

Many Google Meet users don’t have the option to record their meetings.

This happens for a few reasons:

  • Your g-suite plan doesn’t support recording
  • Your account admin hasn’t configured  Google Meet to allow recording

If you don’t have the ability to record, don’t worry.  We made this easy with our chrome extension:

How to Record on Google Meet:

1. Download our Chrome Extension: Google Meet Transcripts, by Scribbl

2. Start a Google Meet meeting.

3. Click on “Record Video” in your Scribbl chrome extension toolbar


4. Allow Scribbl access to your microphone:

   5. Choose Google Meet from the list of tabs Scribbl can record:

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 10.04.16 AM.png

Thats it!  Scribbl will record your Google Meet meeting.

You can find your recording in a folder called “Scribbl Transcription” in Google Drive.  

We’ve made this easy to find.  In the extension’s popup, click on “My transcripts”.  This will bring you to your recording & a transcript of the call in a Google Doc:

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 10.13.38 AM.png

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