Use AI to Make your Agency More Efficient

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, customers and projects like never before possible. Scribbl uses AI to help you easily find insights from your client and internal meetings.

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Improved Project Outcomes

Equip your team with direct access to client feedback and conversations, fostering enhanced collaboration and delivering successful projects.

Enhanced Client Visibility

Gain insights into every client interaction, understanding sentiment and tracking ongoing tasks to build stronger relationships.

Resource Optimization

Utilize AI-driven insights from both internal and external conversations to allocate resources efficiently and keep projects on track.

Meeting Notes and Action Items on Demand.

The Scribbl Chrome Extension allows you to mark the moments that matter to you during the call, then once the call ends our AI will break down the meeting into a digestible set of topics and action items that allow you or your team to quickly get a grasp of what was being discussed. You'll never take notes the same again.

Accelerated Employee Onboarding

Leverage a comprehensive library of client meetings and interactions to quickly equip new team members with the knowledge and context they need to excel.

Share with Anyone.

Whether you're sharing your entire meeting or just an important piece, sharing with anyone inside or outside of your team is a breeze. Share with teammates by adding your meeting to your team's library or just grab a link and shoot it over to someone.

Your team will love you for it.

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